Choose the Right Children’s Nursery in Bangkok for Your Kids

Making sure that children get a quality education starts at the ground level. The skills and tools that nursery-age children learn at school are the building blocks upon which their lifelong learning journey begins. In Bangkok, there are dozens of quality schools that offer a great education for children of all ages, which can make the decision of which children’s nursery in Bangkok is right for your kids a little overwhelming.

If you are an expat parent and are looking for a children’s nursery in Bangkok that you are comfortable sending your children to, we’ve put together a few criteria to look out for. With so many options, it is best to take time and evaluate every opportunity before deciding on a school.


On the whole, considering a curriculum for a children’s nursery may seem a bit more complex than it needs to be. However, it has been proven that the tools and skills that children develop at an early age are the foundations of how they learn and grow as they age. In that sense, the curriculum is actually vital to your child’s development.

The best children’s nurseries in Bangkok follow a strict pedagogical approach, ensuring that the education is structured and balanced. Early Years Foundation Stage is one of the leading pedagogies and is highly recommended.


Being available for your child is vitally important as a parent, which is why it is helpful to choose a school that is convenient to get to. Bangkok is known for its debilitating traffic that can double or triple a standard commute time, therefore we suggest choosing a school that is close by. Being able to drop off and pick up your child on time each day will help them feel more positive about going to school.  

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